Sadly, there will never be a sequel made to "Howard The Duck".
But I rarely let such things stop me from having a good time.
So I went ahead and created a trailer for this sequel that will never really be...

It depicts Howard and Beverleys' return to Duckworld...where they discover that the entire planet has been overrun with Dark Overlords, bent on revenge!
They have waited over 15 years for Howards return...and now it's up to Beverley and Howard to stop them, before it's too late!
Some scenes from the trailer...
The trailer consists mostly of hand animated frames that I painted in a paint program, then I loaded them into an AVI creation utility. Once assembled in the manner I wanted, I added each sound effect seperately, then dubbed in the REALLY over dramatic music (it fit wonderfully!)
You can download the trailer below...the link will take you to one of my DREAM THEATER pages on my other site, "Karstens Creations"...the file is offered in Windows WMV format, which will play in your Windows Media Player. I would have LIKED to have put up the original AVI file, as the pic/sound were MUCH more clear, but the final movie was about 19MB, and it was simply too large to post.

Hope ya like it...drop me an email and let me know what you thought, if you can spare a moment.
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I have also created some wallpaper size 'sequel posters'...the one depicting the crowd scene ("Howard and Beverleys' Return") I drew and hand colored a LONG time ago (about 10 years, to be exact), so its not the BEST work I have ever done...the proportions on the ducks is a might off...but I still liked it...;)
CLICK on the Thumb for the Larger Version
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