Here you will find everything from clips from the film to sounds, screensavers, and PC Games...if you have anything to add, please email me and let me know...I would love to feature it!
The Howard The Duck Screensavers
Created by yours truly..
Click the link below to be transported to JoBlos Movie Emporium, the home of the savers...scroll on down, and and enjoy...each saver is fully animated with sound...screen set to 800x600.
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'Return of the Overlords' PC Game
A PC Game I created myself, based on the classic MISSILE COMMAND by Atari.
Includes sounds from the film, cool explosions, the works.
Commodore64 PC Game
After the movies release in 1986, ActiVision released a PC game for the C64 System...and you can play in on your PC with a small emulator file!
Just click below to get the emulator and the game file, both are VERY small and easy to use.
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SOUNDS from the Film
Phil tries to communicate with Howard...
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Beverley tries to save Howard in the diner...
Howards take on human life as a woman reacts to seeing him...
Overlord Warning...
Howards Battle Cry!
Howards' assesment of the current situation...
Movie Clips
Opening Sequence
Final Battle with the Overlord
Howard is sucked right out of his living room while still seated in his easy chair,...and into space!
Some of the best special effects I have EVER seen...and this was before CGI had been invented...
Stills From The Opening Sequence
Click on the small pics for the slightly larger still caps.
Studio Stills
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RETURN To HowardIndex
DOWNLOAD The MP3 of the Pop Tune 'Howard The Duck' by Thomas Dolby and 'Cherry Bomb'...
Deleted Scenes
Click thumb sized pic for larger version
Hang glider Crash
Duckworld Television
Extended version of the water
crash sequence depicted Phil (Tim Robbins) carrying Howard (Ed Gale) away on his shoulders...
When Howard flips thru several Duckworld programs, a few didn't make the final shows a PBS debate between Mideast Duck Powers...the other shows some sort of "Count Duckula" late night flick...
DOWNLOAD Several MP3 files of the tunes presented by 'Cherry Bomb' in the film...INCLUDING 'Dont Turn Away', not available on store bought soundtrack
Download the Movie Trailer...CLICK HERE
Howard Meets George Lucas! (Comic Art)- CLICK HERE for panel artwork...
RARE Howard/Budweiser Poster I purchased off ebay...CLICK HERE for photo...
B&W Ink Art Found Online- Howard and Guitar!...CLICK HERE...
Duck Season
Hilarious sequence (starting w/ that black dude on the bus)...
More Overlords Coming
Jennings first displays his effects!
Prepare to Eat Beak!
The beginning of the final showdown...
Space Rabies!
I love Ginger's last line in this one...
Infamous 'Bed Scene'
If Ya Can't Take The Heat...
Love in 'The Animal Kingdom'?...
Jennings wants that Code Key!
Fan Made Music Video
...Pretty cool, save for the intercut 'screaming bag lady' (?)...features pop tune by Thomas Dolby!
'Golden Girls' Scene
Scene from thge 1986 episode of 'Golden Girls' entitled 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'...Rose is a counsellor, giving comfort to a grieving man...
Rare Photo- Howard in his Dressing Room...CLICK HERE
Rare HBO Promo
Advert that ran on HBO for 'Howard' premiere, summer of 1987.
Howard Animated!
Nice animation of 'the original Howard'...scenes from a film ('She-Hulk- Shamelessly') by Garrett Gilchrist
'She-Hulk' Clips and Site
Jar Jar's Walking Papers
Ending to the classic animated short, wherein Lucas 'fires' Jar Jar...wait for the last line...
Silent But Deadly
Sequence from the fan film...what happens to fans that leak a Lucas screenplay...
'Howard The Duck ' In 30 Seconds...CLICK HERE
Rare KTLA Television Spot...CLICK HERE
Italian 'Howard' Trailer...CLICK HERE
'Caroline In The City'
Cute mention of 'Howard' by the wonderful Lea Thompson...CLICK HERE