The LucasFilm Version
"What Worked...And What Didn't..."
First off, I should state the obvious opinion...this was a bad movie.
HOWEVER...I personally think it was a GREAT bad movie.
I truly think the worst crime a movie can commit is being DULL...and this may be an ODD film, it may be a CHEESY film...but it ain't BORING!

It takes a bizarre concept and embraces it totally...if you think the idea of a cartoon/human hybrid from another world coming to earth to team up with a rock n' role beauty teen who joins him in saving our world from huge, nasty lizard-like aliens is...well, kindda wacky and might appreciate the wonderful appeal this strange bit of cinema has to offer.

Ok, ok...its done in the fashion that the technology of 1986 filmmaking was limited to (man, thats SUCH a duck suit, in most shots!), but if you just run with the PREMISE primarilly, its fun as hell.

The effects, other than the duck costumes, are completely in line with Gerbers vision of strange mishaps and magic...(thank you, Industrial Light and your grand stop motion days!) and they are impressive to say the least.

The alien that shows his true form at the films well paced and threatening climax is filmed frame by frame, blur effects and all added in camera...pretty cool, I must say!
The humor, (once you go with the notion that this duck thing is, at worst, strange to humans...perhaps a bit unnerving), its well written as well...the tone is dark and sarcastic, yet there are genuinely likable elements to it as well.

Plus, Lea Thompson in her undies...I mean, come on! Thats bonus points, no matter how ya look at it, right?...

The Good...
The Bad...
Even I haffta admit...some of this flick was just plain painful, no matter how ya slice it.
I didnt need to see the cutesie Duckie Condom in Howards wallet, and there were a few situations that were a bit hackneyed...but I digress...this IS a strange film, and it has its own style...

And I suppose it was more a '1980's thing' to change Beverlys profession to that of a rock n' roll musician...but overall, this actually sortta adds to the 'this is a strange ass cheeseball of a movie' tone the overall film most definitely has.

But hey...I still say- a decent film in so far as 'off the wall situation' flicks go...I still think its a great bit of entertainment.
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The Costume, worn by Ed Gale.
Animated GIF Sequence of that Lea Thompson Underwear bit...;)
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