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I love cheesy movies.
They contain all that represents Hollywood in 'Over The Top' mode...the sorts of films that make you ponder in an amused, bewildered way..."What the HELL were they THINKING?!"
These are my favorite kinds of films, as they are wonderfully entertaining in a bizzare and original way that standard Hollywood rarely creates...well, on PURPOSE, anyway.

I think
HOWARD THE DUCK was this sort of film...not to be taken seriously, not to be regarded as standard fare, it is a unique take on a ridiculous subject...and it succeeds at being wonderfully odd.
The LucasFilm Version
Marvel Comics Version
Downloadable Duck
Duck Online
The Sequel
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What worked in the movie version...what did NOT....
From wence he came....Marvel Comics.
Everything from film and sound clips to games, screensavers and more...mostly original stuff created by myself, all free to download.
Hey, this isn't the ONLY HTD site on the net!
Doesn't exist...but if it DID...Includes an original 'trailer' for the sequel that I created, and sequel odds and ends...
Castmember From  HTD Stops By...
Gary Gutter, who played one of the Punk Rockers in the bar 'Cherry Bomb' appeared in, stopped by and poked around a bit...
"...Being in 'Howard The Duck' was the most fun I have ever had in my life!...I liked your 'Howard The Duck 2 trailer, it was great!"
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"Aaah...the power of cheese!"
-The Dairy Council-TV spot
George Lucas talks w/ Robin Williams about 'Howard'- HERE
'Howard' in MAD Magazine Again...
Yup! Even after almost 20 years, this film remains a great punchline....;)
Featured in issue #454, the reacurring character Monroe attends a Star Wars convention...(click thumb for larger scan).
MORE MAD references
Music Videos- HERE
'Howard' Himself Speaks!
Ed Gale, who portrayed 'The Duck' had this to say regarding this site...
"I truly appreciate your love of 'Howard'...that was my very first EVER audition, and my very first EVER job in the biz so he holds a special place in my heart, too...
(bowing) with humble appreciation to your loyalty and respect..."

-Ed Gale
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Lucasfilm 'Howard' on 'South Park'
Yes, it was in bad taste...but it was also pretty funny. WARNING: NSFW Stillcaps...HERE
Howard on 'South Park'! HERE
'The Nostalgia Critic'
Extremely funny review of 'Howard' by the infamous 'Nostalgia Critic'...be prepared, his comments are HILARIOUS...but CRUEL...;)
Watch 'Howard' Online in Widescreen!
CLICK HERE to watch the film in widescreen online, thanks to the good folks at HULU.!
Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz Interview for the DVD Release Click banner below or...HERE
Special Effects
Some Behind The Scenes photos revealing how the effects for the film were done...