My Collection of Memorabilla
Rare stuff based on and released for promotion of the HTD film...some found in stores at the time of the film's release, but most found on ebay over the years...
Budweiser Beer Promo Poster
Apparentley in bars before the film opened in 1986...pretty tough to find, snagged this one on ebay...about 3'x2'

CLICK PIC for larger...
Howard 'Candy Heads' Containers
Also sortta tough to locate...had a few in '86, candy long gone...still have two, now empty...;)
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'Read Along' Storybook...aimed at kids? Odd! Interesting how the book is filled w/ for ANY of 'evil' Jennings or the Dark Overlord...weird way to market a movie!
MORE TO COME as I have time to scan and post...;)
'Howard The Duck' Letterbox Edition DVD
French Lobby Poster
Another lucky find on ebay, in great shape...hangs on wall next to my drawing table.
HTD Presskit
American Cinematographer
Ed Gale Autograph
C64 Game
Japan Poster
Jeffery Jones Autographs
Lea Thompson Autograph
Lobby Card
Ed Gale Autograph
RARE Greeting Card set
Spanish Lobby Poster
RARE Don Post 'Howard' Mask
Got lucky and saw this on Ebay, didn't even know they existed! Snagged it for $30.00...